Several years ago, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Vancouver Sun, who asked me:  “How can I describe you and what you do?”  I told her about my musical endeavours, and how much I enjoy working with children and producing shows.  She responded:  “Then you are an impresario!”

I rushed home after the interview to check my dictionary, which defines ‘impresario’ as ‘an entertainment manager; a producer or promoter of entertainment, especially in musical theatre’.

I was profiled in the September 2022 issue of The Advocate, the magazine of the Vancouver Bar Association. Read it online or download the PDF.

I really don’t know whether I am an impresario.  What I do know is that I am passionate about  nurturing and training young performers and providing them with performance opportunities.   I work to build self-esteem and self-confidence in these performers by emphasizing the importance of commitment and working hard to make their dreams come true.

I created and direct Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance!, an intensive musical theatre summer camp now heading into its 25th year at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver.

I also direct ShowStoppers, a dynamic troupe of teenagers who perform in concert, on TV and radio, and at numerous conventions, awards dinners, galas, and corporate and charitable events throughout British Columbia.

I am appreciative of the success of “GLEE”, the popular musical comedy-drama Fox TV series, as it has created a public awareness of the joy of show choirs. However, I laugh when people ask whether ShowStoppers and Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! were inspired by “GLEE” as I have been working with show choirs for over twenty years.

I know that I am not in the league of great impresarios like the legendary Broadway producer David Merrick, but I am having a lot of fun in my attempt to make a difference in the lives of these young performers.

I hope you enjoy exploring this site!